borg home-automation

The borg home automation project is a collection of PCBs including software for controlling everything in a house. This includes lights, fans, power sockets, water pumps, etc.

Every board contains an AVR microcontroller, an ISP connector, RS485 interface and a 24V/5V DC/DC converter.


userinter V1.0

The user interface PCB. Next to the standard wires there is only a connector for buttons and LEDs and a connector for a 24V/5V DC/DC converter module.



The light PCB. Contains a 24V/5V DC/DC converter and 3 LED current sources. This PCB has been canceled. Maybe it will be resurrected with only one LED driver and smaller PCB size.


leddriver V1.0

LED driver PCB with PT4115. Panelized PCB containing 5 complete circuits.


light 2 V1.0

Second variant of the light PCB. Next to the usual parts it contains 3 conectors for LED drivers or compatible boards, an I/O connector for 230VAC dimmers or fan control, and an analog connector for measuring analog signals.


light 2 V2.1

The differences to V1.0 are:


USB Power V1.0

USB Power is a PCB providing 5V and up to 680mA to two USB sockets.