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Usually the normal planting progress is: put seeds into freezer ☞ soaking seeds ☞ accelerating germination ☞ grow seedlings ☞ moving the seedlings to more big space.
1. Put seeds into freezer for 30-35 days.
2. For the almost seeds, using 35-45 Celsius water to soak them for about 2 hours (or soaking in cold water for 6-12 hours), then pick up seeds from water, put seeds onto tissue, cover with anther tissue. (we called this step-accelerating germination).
3. Put seeds into sealed box and put them in a room temperature place, just need to water little water for seeds every day. The seedlings will grow out around 7 days. (we called this step-grow seedlings).
4. After sprouting (I mean the seeds show out white dot), you can move seeds into more big space. Cover seeds with thin soil, water for seeds, then cover soil with thin film. As per the size of seedlings, choice right space for seedlings, and plant them.